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The fashion designers are presenting some of their most attractive and originals models for this season. However, they are only a few that can be classified as illustrious and renowned designers for this opening 2024. Many of the specialists in the wedding dresses design have the perfect balance with the softness and subtlety, not to mention radiant details, and elegant additions that only a reputable designer knows how to combine.

What are the most renowned designers?

Manuel Mota

Mota is one of the largest and most popular designers of the actuality. Is one of the most favorite for new brides in search of unique creations, but also one of the most sought by important figures in show business. The designer play with stylized silhouettes, empire, dotted with flowers of organza, chiffon, tulle, lace, and details even in the most sober and demure dress. Meanwhile, is necessary note that their tissues are of the highest quality, no to mention that their bodices corsets skirts lead to magnificent evasé for authentic first ladies of the ceremony.

In addition, Manuel promises a wide variety of vets in his catalog, also offering exceptional models for the 2012 season.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab is one of the most acclaimed designers and referred to the moment. His clothes are a bit more classic and traditional, but no less charming than the rest. The silk organza, lace, delicate embroidery, female stitching, and innovative designs are some of the proposals that the designer often offer to their clients. On the other hand, Elie likes to play with the majestic cleavage, the voluptuous corset, and armed whales. No doubt a touch of curves very exceptional for every woman. Finally, his most important models can be found in the Elie collection 2012.

Rosa Clará

It´s a very different touch of style. A firm that offers its most notorious Spanish charm. Coming from Spain, Barcelona, the main designer; Clará, offers very feminine clothes, innovative dresses, not to mention a wide range of pastel colors in each design. The blond combination of fabrics and material is very notorious too in this brand. It serves the desires of a woman fresh, modern, active, and ready to live her big moment. His 2012 collection is called Aire Barcelona D.F.

Vera Wang

Finally, it was impossible not to mention one of the most important designs of the moment; Vera Wang. She is the most recognized in the subject of wedding design dresses, and is one of the most iconic designers of the actuality. Some of her wedding dresses combine the best materials, with the personal touch of charm that only Vera Wang knows offer of course. Meanwhile, ties around the waist are one of her most essential features, as well important corsets, and embroidery details. Her models most important for this season are in Bridal Collection 2012.

Summary of trends in wedding dresses 2012

In conclusion, the wedding dresses that can be seen in this coming new year will attend a woman basically fresh and full of expectations. Ties around the waist (as Vera Wang), the major embroidery, long queues, and inlaid stones are important details to consider. The combination of materials, offering different textures and greater explosion is another view of the trends that will prevail in this season. Fortunately, designers as Elie Saab, or Manuel Mota know exactly how to meet those needs.

Remember also, that every designer has his extensive online catalog with each of their unique designs. Without doubt one of the fastest and most effective ways to display the beautiful creations if a future wedding is coming.

Needless to say, the video of the parade of Vera Wang speaks for itself.

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