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Enaxis Consulting Presents in Annual Prosci Global Conference Publication

Houston-based Enaxis Consulting is proud to announce the impending publication of two behavior change management papers in the Annual Prosci Global Conference proceedings. The papers offer real-life case studies highlighting Change Management application successes. Enaxis is excited to be aligned with the Prosci Conference and to share their behavioral change management expertise with those who are facing organizational challenges in 2009. The conference will be held April 6-9, 2009 in Orlando, Florida.


Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 6, 2009 -- Enaxis Consulting (www.enaxisconsulting.com), the premiere provider of management consulting, outsourcing advisory, and technology advisory services, announced they have been selected for the publication of two behavioral change management topics at the Annual Prosci Global Conference to be held April 6-9, 2009 in Orlando, Florida.

Enaxis Consulting's Organizational Change Management practice will deliver two key themes at the 2009 Prosci Conference: 'Three C's of Change Management: Champions, Communications and Culture'; and, 'A Case Study in the Application of Change Management in a Dysfunctional Environment.

"To be recognized as a leader in the delivery of behavioral change management practices is an honor," explains Jonas Georgsson, Co-founder and Partner of Enaxis Consulting. "Many of our clients look to the Prosci Conference for behavioral change management research and actual case studies. We are excited to be aligned with the Prosci Conference and look forward to sharing our behavioral change management expertise with those who are facing organizational challenges in 2009.


" About Enaxis Consulting: Enaxis Consulting is the premier provider of management consulting and technology advisory services to Fortune 500 clients across various industries. Their primary client offerings include management consulting, outsourcing advisory services, and business technology consulting. Enaxis Consulting drives successful outcomes using a simplified, structured methodology coupled with proven rigor and depth of experience.


About Prosci Conference: Prosci is one of the leading organizations conducting research in the fields of change management and business process design. A provider of change management toolkits and benchmarking information, Prosci hosts an annual well-attended change management conference which highlights best practices which have been employed and tested in the change management field.


 Realization of Finances and its Foundation Launched In Atlanta, GA


Entrepreneur and owner Teleigha Peavy launches her financial institution during the recession in downtown Atlanta, GA to help individuals, families, and businesses promote and enhance their economic and financial services.


Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 6, 2009 -- Although Realization of Finances may seem like another accounting or financial firm opened, it's really more than that. Ms. Peavy launched this firm in three phases. Phase I provides accounting and financial services for businesses and individuals. Phase II is a non profit project that will give aid to college students and low-income single mothers. They will participate in a career readiness program that provides training in the area of secretarial support, team effort, and office backup. The participants will gain work experience before taking on the challenges and tasks of a new career.


They will be provided with a career budget to purchase career clothes, shoes, and supplies after completion. Realization of Life Foundation will assist families and individuals in need of resources. "This financial firm is like no other," says Miss Peavy. "The goal is is to help reduce unemployment and welfare rates. Many of these women have the potential to have a career but somewhere on their journey, someone told them they can't." In Atlanta, as the unemployment rate increases significantly, this firm is trying to create a recession proof industry. Help increase and stabilize more jobs should be all entrepreneurs' priority.


Crisis Leadership and A Woman's Worth: Two Areas of Study Converge as Organizations Struggle to Manage Both

Erika Hayes James, PhD, an expert on two critical issues facing today's corporate and political environments: crisis leadership and workplace diversity, announces the launch of her new Web site www.erikahayesjames.com. Her work in crisis leadership explores the competencies necessary to lead organizations throughout the life cycle of a business crisis. And her diversity research addresses gender and racial inequities in the workplace.


Charlottesville, VA (PRWEB) February 6, 2009 -- Erika Hayes James, PhD, an expert on two critical issues facing today's corporate and political environments: crisis leadership and workplace diversity, announces the launch of her new Web site www.erikahayesjames.com. Erika James is an impassioned speaker, teacher, and consultant on these topics. Her work in crisis leadership explores the competencies necessary to lead organizations throughout the life cycle of a business crisis.


And her diversity research addresses gender and racial inequities in the workplace, as well as firm responses to allegations of discrimination. Her engaging and provocative style along with her relevant subject matter has made Erika an in-demand guest on radio news talk shows such as NPR, and the subject of business and professional publications including BusinessWeek, Fortune magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and her recently featured cover story in Women MBA magazine's special Women of Color issue. An engaging and provocative teaching style has earned Erika accolades from the MBA students she has impacted at two of the top-ranked business schools in the world:


The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and Harvard Business School at Harvard University. Prior to these appointments Dr. James has also served on the faculty at the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University and the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. In addition, she pioneered a new position at Darden--Associate Dean of Diversity, in order to create a more diverse and inclusive environment for faculty and students. On her newly launched Web site, www.erikahayesjames.com, you can link to her published case studies and simulations, view a video clip from a recent interview on Crisis Leadership, hear a Darden podcast and an NPR interview, and read an excerpt from her highly anticipated new book, Leading Under Pressure:


From Surviving to Thriving Before, During, and After a Crisis. "It is an exciting time for businesses right now, with domestic and global challenges to confront. The rising stars in the leadership arena will be the women and men who tackle those challenges with grace and integrity, and are able to manifest opportunities from those challenges for themselves and their organizations." -- Erika Hayes James, PhD


 Elyon's Awe-inspiring Elixirs Meet the Demands of a New Age


Elyon brings new life to skincare with a range of awe-inspiring elixirs to combat the cause rather than effects of clinical depression. With exclusive ranges and by appointment service available.


London, UK (PRWEB) February 5, 2009 -- Elyon's awe-inspiring elixirs are a clinical breakthrough for millions to address the cause rather than effects of clinical depression for 3.5 million in the UK and in excess of 19 million in the US. The dramatic lifestyle changes over the past two decades, two career households, later marriages, father-hood, mother-hood, single-hood is variable and individual, however, elevating the emotions and immune system are key elements to treat the cause. Egyptology, unearthed many of the sacred luxuries we enjoy today as one of the first civilisations to embrace medicine, perfumery and cosmetology.


Where, it would have been inconceivable for any treatment in skincare to take place without the presence of a high priest/priestess (in aromatology) a pasha (in cosmetology) and a physician (in medicine) for the curative benefits to mind, body and spirit. A legacy of growing relevance for the lives and priorities of today and an approach well equipped for the challenge facing Mr. Alan Johnson, the UK Health Secretary, who announced that 3,600 therapists are to be trained over the next three years, signalling a decisive shift away from drug treatments for depression. Following, the unfavourable results of an official study; said,


"We have put a lot of emphasis on medication in the past and it is about time we redressed the balance". The exponents in clinical aromatology & cosmetology Lea C Lawrence, MIAM, P. Price, Med Oxon., Dr. R. Stephen, FRSPH, FRSA, and FIAM of the Institute of Aromatic Medicine, (IAM) & D. Stewart, PhD are the Oxbridge of organic science collaborating to create elixirs from the wisdom of the past with the validity of empirical evidence Elixir du Bonheurs are composed of powerful and potent molecules for holistic equilibrium, harmony, balance and stability from within and there are no chemical substitutes for its curative effects. Lea C. Lawrence's, 10 years research into organic chemistry unveiled solutions of unsurpassed luxury; in the concentration and active ingredients used at cellular level in every application.


The ancient secrets entrusted, are far more than a decadent indulgence and were valued at a year's wage, for the ineffable results. Skin demands active molecules of the lightest weight to permeate the outer layer of the epidermis and treat at cellular level as decreed indispensable to ancient royal courts. Elixirs du Bonheurs are available By Appointment online from £150.00 with a complimentary consultation service for 'Cri du Cour'. As the meeting of two people is like the meeting of two chemical substances both are changed.

Finance Job Openings in San Antonio


Following record sales and recruitment in 2008 and a strong start to 2009, the San Antonio financial planning firm, Sapient Financial Group, is now looking to hire 10 financial planning professionals in 2009.


San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) February 5, 2009 -- Bucking the trend for layoffs in the finance industry, Sapient Financial Group (http://www.SapientFinancialGroup.com ) is looking to fill 10 financial planning jobs within the next 12 months. The jobs will be based at the company's San Antonio and Austin offices and will represent a 20% growth in headcount. The company is predicting a robust sales performance in 2009 thanks to the surge in the number of baby boomers reaching retirement and the increased number of self-directed retirement plans. The year got off to a strong start with sales of core products in January up 15% on the same month last year.


"San Antonio has suffered significant job losses in the financial industry in the last 12 months - banking jobs and investment jobs have been hit," said Bill Weirich, Sapient Financial Group's Chief Operating Officer. "Many who have lost their jobs in this sector have the experience and credentials necessary for a career as a financial advisor. We are looking for people who have entrepreneurial abilities and a track record of success." Frank Woodruff, CEO of Sapient Financial Group is convinced of the continued demand for financial advisors despite market conditions. "The market may have changed, but people's financial goals and needs have not," said Woodruff. "In these turbulent times, traditional low risk products such as annuities are more appealing.


These are better than ever, but they're increasing in complexity, so we're seeing an even greater number of people seeking the counsel of a competent, trustworthy advisor to help them make good decisions." The company's 2009 growth predictions follow record sales in 2008 for Sapient Financial Group. The company achieved a 13.8% growth in annual sales of its core products, selling $44.8 million in annuities, life, disability income and long term care insurance products, compared to $39.4 million in 2007. In the same period, the company grew their net professional staff by 16%, increasing the number of financial professionals to 51 from 44 in 2007.


Sapient Financial Group offers a full range of retirement, investment and insurance services to clients. The company won fourth place in the medium company category of the San Antonio Business Journal's "2008 Best Places to Work" awards; the highest ranked financial services company of twelve finalists. For additional information about a career as a financial professional at Sapient Financial Group,

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