Crafting Master Gemini AI - Google Bard Prompt Engineering Bootcamp

Free Course Crafting Master Gemini AI - Google Bard Prompt Engineering Bootcamp

"Embark on an immersive journey into the realm of AI engineering with the Master Gemini AI - Google Bard Prompt Engineering Bootcamp. Delve into cutting-edge techniques and strategies, guided by industry experts, to master the art of crafting compelling prompts for Google Bard AI. Elevate your skills and accelerate your career in this dynamic and forward-thinking program."

In this course, you will :

  • Learn how to properly engage with Google Bard in a variety of realistic circumstances.
  • Understand how Google Bard integrates with Google Workspace tools.
  • Become proficient in using Google Bard for internet research and data summarizing.
  • Learn how to arrange and organize information with Google Bard's AI capabilities.
  • Understand how artificial intelligence extracts and interprets data from photos.
  • Learn how to debug and write Python programs with Google Bard's help.
  • Master Google Bard for creative storytelling and content production.
  • Develop the ability to use Google Bard's features to solve real-world problems.


1. Google Bard Basics

  • Bard Tour - Write a Story
  • Prompt Engineering with Google Bard - Directions
  • Prompt Engineering with Google Bard - Formatting
  • Internet Access
  • Translation

2. Google Workspace and Bard Extensions

  • Google Workspace with Bard - GMail
  • Google Workspace with Bard - Drive
  • Google Workspace with Bard - Google Docs
  • Bard Extensions - Travel
  • Bard Extensions - Youtube Extensions

3. Images with Google Bard

  • Image Descriptions with Bard
  • Text, Code, and Images

4. Programming

  • Generating Code with Google Bard
  • Existing Code with Google Bard
  • Understanding Hallucinations and Best Practices
  • Executing Code with Google Bard

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