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What about mining rewards? Consider investing


In this case, you can convert the profits you earn from mining into yen immediately, but I thought it would be interesting to buy virtual currency and hope for the price to rise. ) I would like to write my personal thoughts for people.

I'm refusing at first, but this is just my personal opinion, so please consider it to be about half a positive talk.


There are many different opinions, so don't make a decision based on this information alone, look at various information and make a decision.


Investments are at your own risk. There is a possibility that you will incur unexpected losses, so please do this with sufficient funds. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the contents of this article.


Now that we have finished the obligatory notes, let's take a look at the current virtual currencies as a whole.

Is Bitcoin’s momentum declining?

Looking at it over a one-year period, money suddenly flowed from BTC to altcoins such as ETH, and after the mining boom started, the flow gradually calmed down, and funds flowed back to BTC, and then to altcoins such as ETH. It appears that altcoins are gradually lowering their market caps.


The number of people who don't know about virtual currencies and those who have heard of Bitcoin is increasing, and recently, the topic of Bitcoin has even been broadcast on TV news.


If you think about it, if you buy BTC, it will still go up! You may think so, but let's look at the above diagram over a three-month period.


Looking at it this way, it looks like the flow of money leaving BTC has already begun.


  1. ETH seems to be rising slightly.
  2. Is something that guarantees value in danger?
  3. Now, it's starting to get scary from here...


The image you saw earlier is called the market cap, and it shows how much Fiat (legal currency such as yen, dollar, euro, etc.) is in a coin. It is a percentage, not an absolute value, so it is just a percentage figure.


And here is the next diagram.

Bitcoin price.

Since August 1st, we have seen a growth rate of 200%, about twice as much.

But I have a little doubt here.


Although the market cap ratio is decreasing, the price has increased by twice as much. . .

This is just a guess, but it may be related to the following factors.

From now on, I would like to publish an article using a pay per view system using virtual currency payment, which is my first attempt.

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Since this is my first service and I'm not used to using it yet, I don't think it will go smoothly, so I may change the method midway through. (It's okay because there's no way you can't watch it even if you paid for it)

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